Home Remedies For a Stiff Sore Neck. Try Them And The Pain Will Stop

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Do you suffer from stiff sore neck that makes it difficult to move the head from side-to-side? According to
Spine Health, stiff sore neck is most often a muscle strain in the back and side of the neck. It may be the result of sleeping in an awkward position, a sports injury, stress, or poor posture, especially when looking down at a computer for an extended period of time.

Stiff sore neck is usually painful but harmless. However, when accompanied by a high fever, it is important to seek immediate medical attention, as these symptoms together point to the dangerous bacterial infection meningitis.

For a more routine stiff sore neck, we recommend the following home remedies:

1. Stretch. Cleveland Clinic recommends a stretching routine that can be easily done at your desk or in your car. Begin by rolling your shoulders backwards and downwards 10 times. Next, squeeze your shoulder blades together 10 times. Now, cup your hands behind your head and push you head back into your hands for a count of 30. Lastly, dip your head to the side, reaching the ear to the shoulder. Repeat 10 times on each side and get rid of stiff sore neck

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