10 Plants Native Americans Used to Cure Everything And Even Cancer

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The ‘Creator’ gave Native Americans the power to understand and preserve medicinal herbs. At least that’s what the Cherokee believe to be born with. They believe that the herbs can cure everything and even cancer.

They trust nature, and employ natural healing. It’s all about the gathering technique. The rule is ‘you only gather every third plant.’ In this way the herbs will keep growing.

We give you a list of the healing herbs the Cherokee used. But, beware, these herbs are quite strong and dangerous when not handled properly.

Cherokee healers used these herbs, but they had the best training. You should also learn how to understand the power of nature. Oh yes, be gentle when picking your plants.

10 Plants Native Americans Used to Cure Everything And Even Cancer

Check the best herbs Native Americans used:

Big Stretch (Wild ginger)

Prepare a cup of mild tea to enhance digestion, relieve stomach issues, colic, and eliminate flatulence. The Meskwaki, another Native American tribe, used pulverized wild ginger stems to treat ear infections. Its rootstocks can replace ginger in your home remedies.

Hummingbird Blossom (Buck Bush)

It proved great results in the treatment of cysts, fibroid tumors, inflammation, and mouth/throat problems. Researchers have found that this healing herb can lower blood pressure and treat lymphatic blockages.

The Cherokee used Hummingbird Blossom to improve kidney function, and also treat:

-Inflamed tonsils
-Enlarged lymph nodes
-Enlarged spleen
-Heavy menstrual bleeding

The Cherokee people steeped the flowers and the leaves of this plant in boiling water for five minutes, and always enjoyed their tea warm.

Pull Out a Sticker (Greenbriar)

Its roots are packed with starch, which means a lot of calories and a strange flavor. The stems and leaves of this plant contain lots of vitamins and minerals. This plant has a rubbery texture, so you can use its roots instead of potatoes.

Greenbriar is a mild diuretic with works well in the treatment of urinary infections. It also cleanses blood. The bark of this plant and its leaves can be made into an ointment that accelerates the healing of burns and minor sores.

Add greenbriar leaves to your tea to relieve arthritis, and eat its berries raw. You can also make nice jam using these berries.

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