10-Minute Ab Routine Which Burns More Stomach Fat than Half an Hour Run

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When it comes to losing weight and getting rid of excess fat, the stomach is the biggest problem for many people.

In our everyday lives, we normally use our arms and legs, so they tend to remain thinner, unlike the stomach, where all fats tend to build up. Although you engage in exercises, everything will become slimmer, except for the stubborn stomach fats.

This usually happens because we pay attention (women in particular) to only losing weight instead of building muscles as well.

Cardio alone is not sufficient to lose weight around your stomach and build muscles- you need to perform some toning exercises that will shape your body ideally.

The following exercises are going to allow you to strengthen the stomach area and lose fats at the same time:

1.The Crunch

It is one of the most famous exercises and is great for tightening the abs.


Lie on your back, and pull up knees. Keep feet flat on the ground. For more effects, face the feet bottoms towards each other. For beginners, just keep them on the floor.

Start tightening your abs and raise upper torso area away from the floor. Hold posture for a second then return to initial position. One rep is around 3 seconds. Place hands in whichever way you find comfortable. Make sure you feel your abs flexing and tightening.

2.The Plank

This exercise is very isometric and does not require any movement. You do not have to do repetitions as well. But, what you’’’ get is toned libs and some fine abs- fat free, too!

Lie on the stomach and place elbows on ground and forearms in front of you. Flex your abs and lift from the floor. You’ll want only your toes and forearms to touch the ground. Hold for as long as possible.

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Learn the full post on next page

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